Our Featured Services

Hand Wash and Mix
Want a great hand wash with soft microfiber towels? We can also wash, clay and wax to a brilliant shine.

Exterior Detailing
Smooth, brilliantly polished paint. Crystal clear windows. Clean rims and tires. We'll surprise you with how clean and shiny we can make your car.

Interior Detailing
Thorough cleaning of all interior materials, including: headliner, dash, console, seats, floor-mats, carpets, map pockets, cup holders, vents, switches and buttons.

Paint Issues
Acid rain, swirls, clear coat scratches, overspray, waterspots, asphalt, road tar, road paint, cement deposit, tree sap, graffiti, oxidation, pain neglect and more.

Mold, Odor Removal, Flooding and Interior Problems
Most odors (pet, tobacco, food) and mold can be removed with a combination of cleaning, ozone treatment, enzyme treatment and replacement.

Headlight Restoration
Dull and hazed headlights can be permanently restored by sanding out the damage and polishing the plastic surface.